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Natalie Stewart - a marketing specialist at Meyers Enterprises Advertising Agency

Natalie Stewart works in marketing at Meyers Enterprises Advertising Agency

Natalie Stewart


A Bit About Me

Natalie Stewart is a dedicated and accomplished individual, born and raised in Kansas, who excels in community development and marketing. As a happily married mother of two children, she understands the importance of building strong and supportive relationships.

Currently pursuing a degree in marketing, Natalie is equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to develop and implement effective promotional strategies. Her bilingual abilities further enhance her ability to connect with a diverse range of individuals and communities.

Natalie has a strong background in community development and has consistently collaborated with other support agencies to initiate and execute numerous projects. Whether it be research initiatives, events, or programming, she has demonstrated her ability to work harmoniously with diverse stakeholders. She takes pride in securing funding for programs, ensuring project adherence to budgets and schedules,managing grant funds, and contributing to the sustainability and growth of various initiatives.

Moreover, she has developed and implemented innovative promotional and community development strategies
Comfortable in the public eye, Natalie readily delivers presentations, engages in media correspondence,and develops attainable solutions. As a devoted mother and wife, Natalie recognizes the importance of creating lasting memories with her children and husband. Whether it’s embarking on thrilling UTV expeditions or simply enjoying leisurely strolls with her two dogs Maverick and Kali, she prioritizes these precious moments that strengthen the bond within her family.

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