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Dakota J. Meyers

Founder, Advertiser

A Bit About Me

Dakota is the founder and CEO of Meyers Enterprises. He’s worked in the advertising industry for over a decade and has overseen more than a quarter of a billion dollars in media placements in his career.

Dakota’s most recent exclusive position was as the Director of Media Buying and Research for the multinational conglomerate Koch Industries. At Koch, Dakota worked with a variety of subsidiary companies and managed multi-million dollar yearly advertising budgets in B2B, B2C, Lead Generation, Branding, and other campaign formats.

After six years with the company, Dakota decided that he wanted more opportunities to explore the advertising industry than a single company could offer. So he opened his own agency in order to service a multitude of customers across a variety of campaign objectives.

Dakota’s extensive resume also includes tenures as the Head of Marketing for both and CGCN Group, both roles in which he’s currently serving. He’s also worked as a trade desk media buyer, eCommerce specialist, SEO consultant, affiliate manager, social media manager, and copywriter. There aren’t many aspects of the advertising industry Dakota hasn’t been involved with in some form or another.

In his spare time, Dakota likes to stay involved with the Hoisington community. The name “Meyers Enterprises” is actually a reference to the Hoisington businessman who brought the big factory to town (the structure “[Last Name] Enterprises”).

Dakota is adventurous and a risk taker. He chose the company motto Expect to Win because, in his words, “we’re based on Hoisington. When you’re in Hoisington you expect to win.”

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