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We take a unique approach to advertising. It plays a key role in both how we operate and who we choose to hire.

Our Approach

Why 'Meyers Enterprises?'

That doesn’t sound like an advertising agency to me. Why did Dakota name it after himself?

The name Meyers Enterprises makes more sense if you live in Hoisington. That’s why I picked it. The name is an allusion to I C Walter Enterprises, who was the Hoisington businessman who brought the big factory to town in the 70s. This ensured the town’s survival during the next 50 years while other small towns across America withered and died.

The name ‘Meyers Enterprises’ is a symbol. It’s a symbol of this company’s commitment to Hoisington, Kansas. It’s a symbol of the fact that this company isn’t going anywhere and isn’t backing down. It’s a symbol of a comeback and a revitalization. And most importantly, it’s a symbol of our roots. It’s the type of company that we are, and it’s what you can expect from us.

I could have opened this agency anywhere I wanted. It would have been a lot easier to recruit employees and get customers if we’d just been another agency in San Francisco, New York, Austin, or Denver. Heck, even in Wichita. I would have ironed-out a recruitment and retention funnel, grown the business to a few million dollars a year in revenue, sold it to Accenture for $30 million, then handed over the keys to the car and walked away. Bought a nice house in the suburbs, called myself an “serial entrepreneur” on my LinkedIn profile and spent my time tinkering with other ventures, mistakenly thinking I know something.

But that’s not who we are. And more importantly that’s not expecting to win. And when you’re from Hoisington, you expect to win. There is no selling. There is no handing over. We’re not going anywhere. I’ll work out of our Main Street offices as a freelance telemarketer if I have to. We’re going to make an advertising sector in Hoisington; that’s just what’s going to happen. And we’d love it for you to be a part of that.

That’s why we picked the name. You can call us a trendy ad agency name if you want (Meyers Enterprises lends itself particularly well to “The ME Agency”). But that’s not who we are. We’re Meyers Enterprises of Hoisington. Expect to win.

— Dakota J. Meyers

Meyers Enterprises is both a center of excellence in the advertising industry and a cluster of lifelong learners. Dakota has a decade of experience in the advertising industry, but experience is not required to be part of the Meyers Enterprises team. What we do require is a dedication to breaking into, growing, and advancing within the advertising industry.

It’s when we’re learning new things that the magic really happens in advertising campaigns. Dakota has seen this over and over again in his own career experiences. Our goal is not to rest on our laurels but rather to learn and grow with you.

The marketers at Meyers Enterprises Advertising Agency
A Meyers Enterprises Advertising Agency employee searching for a relevant SEO term like "advertising agency near me"
The team of marketers at Meyers Enterprises advertising agency posing for a photo

It’s because of this that Dakota assembled the team at Meyers Enterprises, not of experienced advertisers, but rather of those who are seeking to break into the advertising industry. Two of our four team members are currently pursuing formal degrees in advertising, and all four of us are actively seeking to learn and grow.

Intellectual growth is what drives results, not past accomplishments. We want to deliver new and cutting-edge strategies to your advertising efforts. The most cutting edge ideas are those that you’ve just learned, not things that worked five years ago.

Meyers Enterprises Advertising Agency

We’re a learning center and a classroom at heart. We’re the advertising equivalent of a research university. We want to break new ground. Push new boundaries. Not only stay at the cutting edge but define the cutting edge ourselves. It’s not our mission to find some niche and lean-in on it. Our operations are ars gratia artis (art for art’s sake).

Grow with us. Break new ground with us. Learn new things with us. Expect to win.

At our local advertising and marketing agency, we keep a casual office atmosphere
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